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Purpose and usage of this app


The purpose of this app is to convey local government disaster prevention information to the general public. The aim is to communicate that there is a limit to the facilities and stockpile that can be prepared at evacuation shelters.Also, to make everybody understund that we must be prepared for disasters. And we hope you can use this app to prepare for any situation.


From the top bar, you can check the stockpiling and facility information of the shelters.
In addition, from Owariasahi City content, you can try your knowledge about prevention information and also, you can check specific reserves required for preparation.

Information dispatch service at the time of disaster occurrence


About data in this app

We are using Owariasahi City open data.
Owariasahi City Regional Disaster Prevention Plan

About this application

Find out more about the bounds of local government disaster assistance and use that knowledge to self-preparation for disasters.
In addition, since this application was created as part of a university research on open data,
It should not be taken as an official app of Owariasahi City.